Glance launches Glance For All program; leverages lock screen to promote inclusivity and amplify positive social messages at scale

GFA will kick off with a celebration of Joy Of Giving Week from Oct 2 – 8; over 20 non-profits and individuals will be featured to raise awareness about multiple social causes

Bangalore/Delhi, September 29, 2022: With the launch of the Glance for All (GFA) program, lock screen platform Glance is harnessing the power of the lock screen to inspire positive social change this festive season. GFA will kick off on October 2 through October 8 with a celebration that commemorates Joy of Giving Week (Daan Utsav) and will shine the spotlight on over 20 impactful non-profits and individuals contributing to social advancement. 

GFA intends to leverage lock screen technology and scale to drive positive conversations and meaningful interactions for the betterment of society. Through Glance’s reach of over 183 million active users, it will draw attention to various social and developmental causes. Additionally, GFA will amplify inspirational messages and stories that can have a lasting impression on the minds of millions of Glance consumers, leading to increased citizen interest in social causes.  

“We launched Glance in 2019 with the intention of spanidging digital divides and enabling consumers to discover the internet without barriers of language, search, etc. Since then, we have innovated to find multiple ways to enrich the digital lives of our consumers. With GFA, we are extending this philosophy of adding value to people’s lives,” said Piyush Shah, Co-founder of InMobi Group and COO & President of Glance. “We are thrilled to leverage the power and scale of the Glance lock screen platform and provide a stage to remarkable organizations and individuals who can inspire beneficial transformation in society through this program,” Shah added. 

The organizations and individuals to be featured in GFA’s Joy of Giving Week celebrations are amongst those doing exemplary work in areas such as alleviation of hunger and malnutrition, inclusion of the differently abled, fighting human trafficking, education, and mental health. Participation in various Glance shows and live stream interviews are planned to help them share their stories and raise awareness about their respective causes. Calls to action that encourage viewers to consider different ways to support their work will also be incorporated.  

Speaking about their association with GFA, Shridhar Venkat, CEO of Akshaya Patra said, “Our vision is to ensure that no child in India is deprived of education because of hunger. To achieve this vision, we need more participation and action from citizens, in addition to our own growing efforts in partnership with Centra government and various state governments, and those of our existing volunteers and patrons. We believe that meaningfully highlighting our work on a wide-reaching platform such as Glance will go a long way in helping us achieve our desired goals.”

In the future, GFA will also spotlight groups and individuals making a difference in a range of fields including the arts, literature, and the environment among others.

About Glance

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