Glance surpasses 30 million users in Indonesia; the smart lock screen is now positioned to become one of the country’s biggest consumer tech platforms

Glance surpasses 30 million users in Indonesia; the smart lock screen is now positioned to become one of the country’s biggest consumer tech platforms

Expects to cross 50 million in four to six quarters; aims massive expansion across existing platforms and new platform launch this year – co. said at flagship event Glance Indonesia Unlocked 2023


  • Glance aims to launch its creator-led live experiences platform Roposo in upcoming quarter; to create massive opportunities for country’s creator economy
  • Nostra - Glance’s gaming platform – aims to double user base in one year; to partner with Indonesian game developers and studios to build for Nostra
  • Some of Indonesia’s biggest media publishers leveraging power of lock screen for deep consumer engagement and traction; co. to form 2-3 more large strategic publisher partnerships
  • Intends to continue investing in local talent and infrastructure going forward

Jakarta/Singapore, Feb 24, 2023: Glance, a Singapore headquartered consumer technology company, today announced its plans for a massive expansion in Indonesia over the next one year, reinforcing its commitment to the market. At its flagship event ‘Glance Indonesia Unlocked 2023’, held in Jakarta on February 24, 2023, the company said that monthly active user (MAU) base for Glance Lock Screen has surpassed 30 million, positioning it to become one of the largest consumer technology platforms in Indonesia. The same is expected to cross 50 million in the next four to six quarters.   

Glance inspires consumers to make the most of every moment by surfacing relevant experiences for them with its ‘smart lock screen’. It offers premium, personalized and trending content from top local and global publishers across categories like sports, entertainment, travel and lifestyle, gaming from the best game studios and streamers, and live content from professional creators. More than 225 million consumers enjoy Glance on their Android smartphones across markets. In Indonesia, Glance Lock Screen has been present for around two years and has quickly become one of the most loved consumer tech platforms in the country. Its overwhelmingly positive engagement numbers are a testament to this fact.  

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing industries globally. In India alone, the online gaming market is estimated to cross $7 billion by 2025.

"Over the past six months, our top three categories in Indonesia - entertainment, games, and technology content - have garnered an impressive 626 million, 591 million, and 411 million video views, respectively. Whether it's latest news and entertainment buzz to stay updated, live gaming for an adrenaline rush, or even health and fitness content for self-improvement, consumers are finding engaging, personally relevant experiences on Glance,” said Piyush Shah, Co-founder of InMobi Group and President & COO of Glance, at Glance Indonesia Unlocked 2023. “The love from Indonesian consumers and high engagement levels underscore the power of the lock screen as a medium for enriching the lives of consumers," Shah added.

The ‘Glance Smart Lock Screen Report Indonesia 2023’ released at the event today, shows that the platform’s popularity in the country cuts across demographics. As per the report, Glance has a near equal ratio of active male and female consumers and balanced engagement across age brackets (40% aged 35 and above, 36% between 24 and 34 years) The report further reveals that consumers engage with Glance Lock Screen consistently throughout the day, with maximum engagement levels at 10 AM and 5 PM. 

To enhance the lock screen experience further, Glance intends to launch its LIVE platform, Roposo, in Indonesia in the upcoming quarter. Roposo has revolutionized live content with its deeply immersive creator led approach and boasts over 30 million users in other regions. Once launched in Indonesia, Roposo will add premium, creator driven live content on lock screen to Glance’s offerings. This will provide creators multiple, differentiated opportunities for monetization, widescale reach, and unique engagement that leverages Indonesia’s love of live. 

Glance also plans to offer more gaming and live game streaming action, powered by its gaming platform Nostra. Nostra brings a wide range of experiences for gamers to discover, play, watch, connect and compete. This year, Nostra’s user base is expected to double in the country. Additionally, Nostra aims to expand its games library from 400 games to 1000 in 2023 through partnerships with major gaming studios and developers worldwide. This creates a huge opportunity for Indonesia’s world class talent pool of game developers, to build and scale games rapidly through presence on lock screen - not just in Indonesia, but across Nostra’s other markets as well. 

Dalip Shahri, Director of Market Development Glance Indonesia said, “The growth of Indonesia’s creative economy is a top priority for Glance. With the expansion of Nostra, as well as the intended launch of Roposo, we aim to have a significant impact on the nation’s gaming industry, and creator ecosystem. Additionally, we plan to have 2 to 3 deep strategic partnerships with major media publishers to help them harness the Glance Lock Screen for deeper engagement with their audiences.” 

In line with an ‘Indonesia First’ strategy that Glance had announced a year ago, the company has more than doubled its employee base here. As it embarks on further turbo-charging its growth trajectory, Glance intends to continue investing in local talent and infrastructure.  

For more insights on how consumers in Indonesia engage on Glance Lock Screen, read this year’s Glance Smart Lock Screen Report, Indonesia, here 

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Founded in 2019, Glance is a consumer technology company that operates some of the most disruptive digital platforms including Glance, Roposo, and Nostra. Glance has redefined the way internet is consumed on the lock screen, removing the need for searching and downloading apps. Over 400 million smartphones now come enabled with Glance’s next-generation internet experience. Roposo has revolutionized commerce by launching a destination for creator-led live entertainment commerce. Headquartered in Singapore, Glance is an unconsolidated subsidiary of InMobi Group and is funded by Jio Platforms, Google, and Mithril Capital. For more information visit, and