Coinswitch Kuber
Coinswitch Kuber raised awareness about cryptocurrency investment through content innovation on screen zero
Leveraging polls, games & more the Crypto trading platform made money moves on millions of lock screens
200k+users a day
1.5minsaverage time

"Given that we are India’s simplest crypto trading platform, we wanted to interact with our audiences as effortlessly as possible. Glance gave us the opportunity to leverage immersive ad formats to demystify Crypto trading for millions. Cryptocurrency is a tricky topic for many; thanks to Glance we could help our users develop a keen interest in this instrument & trust Coinswitch with their investments."

The Brand Objective

Cryptocurrency has seen an upswing in adoption in the recent years. However, this asset class is still in its nascent stages with individuals being a little wary of the volatility it brings. There is also significant confusion regarding investment methods, market cycles, good cryptocurrencies to invest in and so on. Coinswitch Kuber aimed to demystify the world of crypto, creating innovative content-led experiences on Glance. Through polls, quizzes, interactive media, Coinswitch Kuber got the users talking about crypto while also educating Millennials about its many opportunities. With Glance, the crypto trading platform could move away jargon-heavy direct selling and leverage the full potential & uniqueness of screen zero & it's exciting advertising formats.

To boost awareness about cryptocurrency investments through immersive content experiences on screen zero
The Solution

Coinswitch Kuber reached out to their target audience of 22-40 year old men and women across India through a mix innovative and interactive content formats. First up was ‘Crypto Adda’ – creatives representing a virtual hangout zone for different cryptocurrencies on the lock screen. These featured small conversations between different coins, touching upon myths vs facts, clarifying jargons and explaining how crypto as an investment option is so simple with Coinswitch Kuber for both new and potential investors.

For ‘Coin Banega Cryptopati’, the brand took the education via trivia route with Glance polls. Users could answer six questions spread over three levels and gain knowledge about this asset class. Lastly, Coinswitch Kuber utilized the Glance game center with ‘Match the crypto’ which exposed them to different cryptocurrencies while keeping them engaged through gamification.

For all three properties, the focus was on education as much as on engagement, creating higher brand recall for Coinswitch Kuber.


These highly-engaging properties grabbed eyeballs on the lock screen, with ‘Crypto Adda’ registering an average CTR of 3-5%. Similar results were noted for ‘Coin Banega Cryptopati’ which saw a CTR of 5% and millions of Glance users interacting with the polls. The ads came in unmissable formats, tying up consumer interests and brand objectives on screen zero.


‘Match the crypto’, with its unique game format, saw a traction of 200K+ users a day, with an average time spent of 1.5 mins. For an industry that has long been perceived as being ambiguous, the simple yet innovative nature of these formats cut through the clutter creating a truly immersive experience for the brand’s target audience.